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WTO Equipment Ütümaksan
We offer WTO equipment for moisture-heat treatment of the Ütümaksan Turkish manufacturer, which is applicable at the same time as the final stage of the technological process of manufacturing textile products. Wet-heat treatment of the knot to give the product an excellent product.

The mission of the Ütümaksan company is to provide manufacturers of knitwear products with high-quality manufacturing equipment, which is the completion of technological solutions. The company produces a wide range of equipment for moist heat treatment: irons, steam tables, steam heads and spare parts for them. Ütümaksan, thanks to the accumulated experience, won the trust of customers and made an important contribution to the development of the textile industry.
Parostol used for smoothing knitting products without using a mechanical clamp. Steam-head is used for parks.
Distinctive features of the WTO equipment Ütümaksan:
✪ Easy maintenance; ✪ Reliability; ✪ Compactness; ✪ Multivariance; ✪ Warranty 1 year.

Get more information about WTO equipment. You can contact us in any way convenient for us.
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Tel : 0212 501 30 82 Fax : 0212 501 30 84